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  • Marius Leierbau
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    I am a person who first of all does and then sees, hears, and experiences what has come into being... ( learning by doing )

    From the internalization of these experiences I learned the laws of the open lyre!

    Every single carved flake? Yes, every single one! is carved with love.

    An ancient Germanic proverb says: "Human labor is imperishable and cannot be replaced by anything."

  • Lyre Forum
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    In 2011, a group of proactive lyre players, lyre teachers and instrument makers have joined together as the "Leier-Forum e.V.". You can learn more about it here.

  • Lyre music
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    Do you know music by the lyre ?

    Some of you know the lyre true--
    seemingly only vague as an ancient

    Their melodies have long faded away...

  • String instruments Salem
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    The "modern" lyre has been produced in our workshop since 1980 in all sizes and ranges.

    The lyre is available as bass lyre, tenor lyre, alto lyre, solo alto lyre, soprano lyre, solo soprano lyre, small soprano lyre and treble lyre.

    These lyres are rightly called "modern lyres", because they differ clearly from all ancient models.

    Our lyres are used in general music, contemporary music, but also in music education, music therapy, composition and more.

    I would like to present you these instruments

    Translated with (free version) to you here...

I am pleased to be able to introduce this instrument to you here. You will get an insight into my workshop and gain an overview of the different instruments with their individual forms and sound spaces.

  • Gospels & More
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    With my voice and the musical accompaniment of Susanne Heinz, I will make your celebration something very special. My repertoire includes classical works, musicals and gospels like the "Ave Maria" by Gounac, Mozart's "Alleluja", "One hand, One Heart" from West Side Story, "He's got the whole world in his hand" or "Amazing Grace".