You find that the Lyres have different sizes

The lyre is an ancient cultural instrument, which has been played for 5000 years in Babylonia, Africa, Egypt, in the ancient Greece/Roman Empire and in the Celtic world. The lyre was the main instrument in the culture of antiquity, the instrument of Apollo and Orpheus. Through the sound of the lyre, the soul forces, thinking, feeling and wanting are harmonized.
After many centuries after Christ, when the lyre was often only a symbol on concert posters, the lyre was reborn in a new form, but with all the characteristics of this instrument.
The working group Edmund Pracht / Lothar Gärtner built the first modern lyre in Switzerland in 1926. Since then the lyre has spread all over the world, especially Japan, China, South Korea and America South and North.
The harmonizing properties of the lyre's sound are highly appreciated, so that the lyre is also played in music therapy and curative education.

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